Amira Mortenson and Jeni Fleming

The hit song, “Three Cups of Tea” recorded in Nashville, by nine year old Amira Mortenson, and renowned jazz singer Jeni Fleming is available on as a one track CD Click Here. Proceeds will benefit Central Asia Institute (CAI) and children’s education scholarships through Hand Me Down Some Silver, Inc. (HMDSS, Inc.).

“Three Cups of Tea” was composed by Jake Fleming and sung by Amira Mortenson, daughter of Greg Mortenson. The song and book advocate education in the Islamic countries of central and southwest Asia – specifically, the education of girls. The heroes in the song are the children who, in the face of adversity, oppression and poverty, relentlessly pursue their dream of an education. For lack of adequate facilities, children often write their lessons in the sand with sticks. In reality, one penny buys a pencil and one dollar will fund a child’s education for an entire month.

Since 1996, CAI has supported over 250 community initiated educational and service projects. ( Proceeds from this CD will help support CAI and Greg’s efforts.

Proceeds from this CD will also help support Hand Me Down Some Silver, Inc., ( a 501(c)3 corporation founded by Jake and Jeni Fleming. This scholarship foundation aims to fund private music lessons, purchase instruments, help students realize their own recording projects, and provides students with long-lasting, inspirational musical experiences similar to this project.

Jeni Fleming of the Jazz influenced folk/pop group, the Jeni Fleming Trio is fast becoming one of the Northwests most sought after vocalists. Recording artists and tour musicians, she and husband Jake (lyricist, songwriter and producer) also teach 60 private music students in their Montana home.

Amira Mortenson is a 4th grader who loves music and aspires to sing on Broadway. A “Pennies for Peace” ( activist, she inspires American students to buy pencils for their peers in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Amira travels to the Islamic third world to personally deliver school supplies – and greets children with “Asalaam Alaikum” (peace be with you).

Words and Music: Jake Fleming, Bozeman, MT, © 2006 Flick The Fly Publishing
Sung by: Jeni Fleming and Amira Mortenson
Recorded / Mixed: Hilltop Recording Studio, Nashville, TN
Design and layout: Nathan Fleming
Photographs of Jeni and Amira © 2006 Audrey Hall (
Clothing provided by: Twig Design, Bozeman, MT
CD Production:, Minneapolis, MN
Piano and Keyboards: Gary Prim
Bass Guitar: Jimmy Carter
Acoustic and electric guitar: Kelly Black
Electric Guitar: Jeff King
Drums and percussion: Brian Fullen
Background vocals: Margie Cates, Chip Davis
Children’s Choir: Tyler Eide, Amira Mortenson, Addison White, Samantha White, Tanner Wiegand, Courtney Yovich
Recording Engineer: John Nicholson